The secret is out! I have recorded an album with Randy Bachman (in May 2014) with release on True North records due for April 14 2015! The album includes guest guitar solo spots by Peter Frampton, Neil Young, Jeff Healey (yes!!), Joe Bonamassa, Robert Randolph and more! The band is brand new- me and Bachman and bass player, Anna Ruddick. The album sounds like 1968 Who and Cream and Hendrix...Touring the world in 2015...

Upcoming GIGS


January 16: Playing with Nathan Ouellette at the Dawghouse in London ON.

January 30: Nathan Ouellette at the home of the dome, the Dominion House in Stratford ON.

Jan. 31: Nathan Ouellette at the London Ale House.

Feb. 7 Private gig with Bachman in MIAMI!!

Feb./March: Drum clinics at Laurier University, Waterloo and Western University, London ON.

March 21, 22: Playing percussion for Carmina Burana  at Western University.

April... touring with Bachman begins.

Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Victoria BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon.... then Connecticut and New York City!